It's $WORM Time

Innovative and unique tokenomics with a special fair launch.

Worm Inu Contract Address:
Total Supply
5 / 5
Fair Launch
Start Liquidity
Team & marketing
Fair Launch
Unique Tokenomics
Rewards and Airdrop
Community Owned
Gradual fee reduction
Built To Last


3 Great stages for the most fair launch ever.


During the start the fee will be gradually reduced, from 35% to 5% in 30 minutes.

This is to stop few front-runners and whales from getting most of the worminu supply (for pennies) to dump later on.

All the liquidity will be locked for 6 month, to make worminu a safe investment for everyone.


After the first couple of days, the Uniswap pool will determine the stable price of worminu.

Just after that we'll use some of the earned fees to start marketing and grow the community.


5% of worminu supply will be air-dropped to the most active traders and holders.

The snapshot will be taken after the first 2 weeks and the rewards will be distributed shortly after automatically.

Trade $WORM

By trading on Uniswap you will be able to swap and provide liquidity to the worminu pool.

Store $WORM

When it comes to trade, store and transact $WORM,
TrustWallet and Metamask are two best wallets for Ethereum network.


Where activity is rewarded, community is put in control and first worminu owners are incentivized


Be part of the worminu community and get rewarded for your contribution.

5% of worminu supply will be allocated to the Airdrop for the most active traders and holders.

Gradual Fee Reduction

the Worminu has a strong anti-sniper and anti-whale mechanism.

The fee will be gradually reduced, from 35% to 5% in 30 minutes.

Worm inu DAO

After the successful launch of worminu, the community will be invited to create the worminu DAO.

The worminu DAO will be in charge of managing the new initiatives and govern the project.


90% – Liquidity Pool
5% – Airdrop Rewards
5% – CEX Listing


Get worminu on Uniswap and become a part of the future DAO.

Worm Inu Bounties

Helping worminu community growth comes with benefits!
The 50% of worminu fees, collected will be used to fund marketing initiatives.

If you have a marketing proposal, please submit it.
Propose →
Worminu community is rewarded and many initiatives will be launched to reward most active and creative members. A fund of 50% from tax has been allocated to this.
To be announced


It’s time for worminu to set paw on the moon and make history!
Worminu Birthday
Worminu Deployed
Kick Stage
Distribution Stage
Marketing x2
Airdrop Stage
Community Initiatives
Coingecko Listing
CMC Listing
Worm inu Miners
Worm inu Games
Elon Worm Musk needs to learn about us

Made Possible

By some of the best tools available on Ethereum network


What community owned mean?

That $WORM holders decide and are in complete control of the worm inu DAO.

Is $WORM already community owned?

In the initial phase ($WORM) is managed by the team, and decisions are taken based on an initial roadmap that takes into account the community wills. In order to be truly community owned, the worm inu DAO will be launched giving $WORM holders complete control over the contract. This passage will happen as soon as possible.

Why my swap transaction failed?

There are different potential issue but the most common one are low gas fee and low slippage. Try to increase the slippage and the gas fee. Ask the community in case you need help.

What is $WORM used for?

$WORM is designed to be a long-lasting meme coin. This has been made possible thanks to its tokenomics, as well as its moonmap, making it sustainable in the long term. Community will be in charge to decide future usage, as well as being able to invest and request new features developed on top.

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